Friday, September 26, 2008

Blog Marketplace - Computers for a Good Cause

Looking for a new Mac G4, printers, etc? Have a passion for retro "vintage" Mac materials?

Theatre de la Jeune Lune is selling off their computers this SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 from 10-3. Patrick's been helping them with this, and there are a lot of good deals to be found. Plus it's for a really good cause.

105 N. 1st Street, Minneapolis
(may be your last chance to be in the space, too!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The New French Cafe is Back!


Anyone who had driven by the sad and rapidly dilapidating former home of Minneapolis’s legendary restaurant and bar, the place that brought modern cooking and hospitality to Minnesota in the late 1970s, has to feel a pang of sadness. But the thought of some sort of local resurrection seems all wrong. I mean, the New French Café was of an era, and that era is past.

Except it’s present in New York City. A restaurant has opened in Manhattan called the New French, and it’s getting decent reviews, including a short writeup in the September 8 The New Yorker. The name is causing a stir because the food is more New American than French, and New Yorkers are understandably concerned. New York magazine had this to say about the restaurant’s DNA:

“So what’s with the name? Partner Philip Hoffman, who ran the Soho restaurant Nick and Eddie in the eighties and nineties, says that he borrowed it from the Minneapolis boho-hippie-artist restaurant the New French Café, which closed seven years ago. When a former Hoffman colleague opened a Minneapolis restaurant last year and named it Nick and Eddie, Hoffman got the idea to pull what he describes as “a sort of karmic switcheroo” and call his place the New French.”

So Nick and Eddie’s Doug Anderson, who never had any connection to Lynne Alpert’s New French Café, opened Nick and Eddie, which thus begat the new New French in the West Village. Simple, see.

All I know is that it is making me crave brunch.

Monday, September 15, 2008

And I'm Still In Love With You...

...on this Harvest Moon.

I love this moon. It makes me stop for a moment to enjoy the early fall evening. It makes me feel empowered, like I can do anything if I want to badly enough. It makes me remember the past. It makes me fall even more in love with my husband.

It's a glowing, beautiful evening, and all is right with the world.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Need to Have a Chat With My Mom

(apologies in advance to those who think this is too woo-woo)

So we were filming Bathtastic! last week — more on that later I hope — and the project is to replace what Patrick calls the "Reagan Memorial Bathroom" (the brass and pink upstairs one) with something that is a little more us.

During filming, my one and only car key completely disappeared. As in, Patrick and I turned the house upside-down looking for it and it's gone. A new key set me back $400 and was a huge pain to arrange.

At the same time, Rachel (the photojournalist staying at the house) had her computer power cable similarly vanish. And Suzanne reports thinking she was going to put her dinner on a tray and eat outside, then bring some food over to the neighbors', only to have a firm voice say in her head "DON'T TAKE ANYTHING OUT OF THIS HOUSE!"

Which is all a little spooky.

So mom, this is the deal. I love you very much, and, just ask Patrick, any time I remove anything from the house or change anything it's really hard for me. Each thing that changes makes me feel like I am losing a little more of you. But I am proud of the way that we have used the house so far, making it a place for people in need; and when we fully move in to it, we are going to have to change things and make them ours. You did not work so hard to leave me that house to make it a museum to you — you did so so that I could have a family there, and maybe someday it will be Beatrix's house and she will change still more of it.

To some extent, the idea of you benevolently "haunting" the place makes me feel good, like I have some connection to you. But the car key? Not so great. And let Suzanne eat on the deck if she wants to!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, mom. You would have been 70 years old today. I wish you could have met your granddaughter and celebrated with her today.