The List of Nos

Pregnancy is full of things you can't do.

Everyone knows the usual ones, like no making yourself blotto on shots of Jagermeister. No sushi. But it wasn't until I got pregnant that I realized how many more there were — no deli meat, no sleeping on your back, no household cleaners, no ibuprofen...

We are facing kind of a dilemma in preparing the nursery. Patrick severely exacerbated his back issues last night carrying out the plaster pieces of debris from the wall repair (which, you guessed it, I am not supposed to do because of the weight and the potential asbestos used to bind the horsehair into the plaster). The poor guy is almost dead, and I feel SO bad. There is no way he is going to be able to (or I am going to let him) sand the woodwork, which needs to happen so we can paint it and encapsulate the lead paint — and yes, sanding leaded paint is a pretty severe no if you are pregnant. So I am not sure what to do next.

The whole thing is so frustrating. We should have been so much more ready.

I miss my mom and am overwhelmed and am feeling very sorry for myself. So much for the upbeat blog.


Leah said…
ugh, that's so hard. Hugs to you. I know you & Patrick will figure out a solution soon.

Also, I'm no OB, but holy cow, yours has prohibited many things that mine never thought to mention. Have yourself a small glass of wine (alcohol use problems are dosage-dependent), a california roll (the crab is cooked), and put your feet up... you deserve to.

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