Didn't mean to leave you hanging after the last rant-y post. I've been busy, but nothing too exciting, just general baby-care and trying to catch up on work.

Anyway, I meant to say that, after some horrific errands on Saturday (in which I waited 20 minutes at Home Despot to have them clear up an issue with a gift card, and it's STILL not resolved!), I decided to stop at Krispy Kreme on the way home and bring back some Fresh Hot Donuts.

Except the Krispy Kreme had turned into a Wendy's.

I suppose there are really two issues here. The first is how interchangeable the sites are. No more donuts? How about a Frostie? Turnkey ready. Maybe next month it will become an Arby's.

The second point, though, goes to the Krispy Kreme brand. I remember when people lined up for them, drove miles for them; I even had a friend who would have them FedExed from the nearest location, which was in Iowa, mind you! But then they started to spread, and be sold at Holiday, and Target, and pretty much all over. They no longer special or unusual. They also were not very good — deprived of the whole Fresh Hot thing, they are kind of stale and poofy, and not really even as good as Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls.

I miss the Krispy Kreme. But they did it to themselves.


Leah said…
I used to work with a woman whose husband worked for Northwest. She would fly to airports with krispy kremes, get donuts, and fly home. She was flying for free, but still, it was standby on Northworst. That is donut dedication! But you're right - being able to get them at Target really does take the gild off the lily.

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