Mill City Farmer's Market

So, for a long time we've been wanting to go to the Mill City Farmer's Market.  So organic!  So creative!  So beautifully displayed!  So this morning we loaded up the baby and headed over.

We really enjoyed ourselves, though we held strict control of our wallets.  The vegetables were all green and gorgeous and came from idyllic sounding all-organic farms, but $10 for a head of broccoli?  Honestly?!  There were incredible handcrafts:  gorgeous strung pearl necklaces at $250,  Peruvian women making softly colored wool rugs on hand-carried looms where a 1 foot by 3 foot runner at $98 seemed simultaneously like less than a living wage and more than I could pay, perfectly assembled bouquets of fragrant flowers for $12.

The best things were free:  people watching, showing Beatrix the cage of chickens, appreciating the colors and textures, yummy samples of organic goat choose and cajun smoked trout.

All very beautiful, but  think I'll stick to the St. Paul farmer's market for my regular purchases.


Leah said…
I totally agree. Mill City is lovely but way overpriced! I prefer midtown, myself. :)

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