Fringe Mania

It's Fringe here in Minnesota.  With our dearth of childcare we are not going to get to much, so everyone reading this blog should go to extra shows to make up for me!

We are going to Patrick's brother's show, Trying Guilt tomorrow.  And tonight we went to Bedlam Theater (Fringe Central) for a very quiet happy hour.  But we got to have Summit and see my brilliant and gorgeous friend Annie who is going to grad school for costume design in the fall, so well worth it.

I have a comp and think I can get out on my own to see one other show.  What should I see?


Leigha said…
I highly recommend either "The Cody Rivers Show" or "Boom"...both are magnificently manic in their own ways, but Boom also has some lovely quieter moments and a well-rounded thought-provoking story. All in all, fantastic performances and high humor.
Leah said…
Seriously, the Cody River Show is awesome. Different but also awesome and beautiful is Penny Freeh's Small Aida.

How was it?

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