Christmas Card

If I missed you in real life sending our Christmas card (because I don't have your address, or ran out of stamps, or haven't quite gotten all of them in the mailbox yet), here it is in all its digital glory:

Happy Holidays 2008, from our newly expanded family!

Of course our big news in 2008 was the birth of Beatrix Camille Gladhill Rhone on February 9 — hard to believe she’s almost a year old! Our little “tiny tyrant” brings us joy, laughter, and a lot of attitude every day — and we love it.

Another big change was Patrick leaving Carleton and returning to full-time consulting. He’s available for a wide range of projects, ranging from technology installation and support, to web design and branding, to productivity enhancement; find out more at www.

And let’s not even start on the election…but we are awfully full of hope…

With much love and hoping to see you soon,

Bethany, Patrick, Beatrix, Maxim, and Miles


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