Friday night we had a very generous babysitting offer from the amazing Beth/Lucy combo, and so got to go out to Barrio with our friends Eric and Christy. What a fantastic place — absolutely delicious, foodie-worthy Mexican food, and of course good tequila and tequila-related beverages such as margaritas. Also fantastic atmosphere and people-watching, though the hipster-quotient in Minnesota is a little mitigated by the extensive outerwear people need to wear in weather this cold. Makes me want to register with Yelp! or some other online review site so I can rave about what a great experience it was — though admittedly, that may well have been the company as much as or more so than the restaurant. An evening out we sorely needed.

In New Years' resolution-news, we hosted a wonderful white elephant party last night. I think everyone had a good time and a fun gift. Looking forward to more of that soon.


gerkat said…
Sounds great! Now you need to pick a night for us to babysit so you can go out again!

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