"Regional Variations" (are ticking me off!)

So this morning, after we got our wills and such notarized, we had a little time to kill before we had to leave for the airport. So we decided to head over to the Tyson's Corners Malls, which were right across the street. One of the malls is extremely high end, and we had window shopped there over coffee that morning, so we hit the other one, which is enormous and runs the gamut from Claire's to West Elm.

We walked through Macy's to get to the mall, who was having their big one-day sale. The racks were filled with cute things, including innumerable little floaty cardigans with ruffled edges, many of which I really liked. I noticed similar styles throughout the mall, including many separates that would go with said cardigans, but there's sales tax in Virginia on clothes, and we were in a hurry, and Beatrix can lose patience if we shop too long, so I didn't stop to try any on.

But I thought about them a lot, and after a delicious dinner (Thanks to a Twitter special, buy a drink and get your entree free) at Common Roots, we decided to head for Macy's at Mall of America and get me a new sweater.

We walked in and it was like a whole different world. Not a cute little cardigan to be found. No soft colors, no ribbon embellishment, no charming ruffles. Instead, rack after rack of frumpy, heavy knit, over-dyed, thick sweaters that looked like the grandma sweaters of the 1980s. Poorly made, garish, shapeless and style-less, every single one of them would have made Angelina Jolie look like a haus-frau.

We asked the clerks, but they said it was due to "regional differences," that every single Macy's carried different clothes (which sounds like a nightmare for the buyers to me, but I'll leave that to them). All I know is that I should have bought a sweater this morning.



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