Happy Halloween!

Though Beatrix even went trick-or-treating as a baby (she was a banana, it was adorable), this is the first year that she has really gotten into it. And there was certainly a lot to get in to:

- 2 parties with her daycare
- the annual pumpkin carving at Roering Auto Body — at her request, I carved a cat
- Boo Bash on Grand Avenue with Harry and Kelsey last weekend
- Trick-or-Treating at Kowalski's on Tuesday — it was great, they gave you a bag as you walked in, and then there were different stations et up throughout the store with chips, apples, candy, etc.
- music class in costume at MacPhail
- Trick-or-Treating in Highland yesterday; I have to say this was better than Boo Bash, with a lot more places participating and a variety of things, from candy to wooden train cars to stickers

After all that I thought that tonight's REAL Trick-or-Treating might be anticlimactic, but she had a blast going around our block and getting candy. I love our neighborhood, and she was thrilled to see everyone.


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