The Rest of Day 1 - NAMPC

Day One continued apace. I went to a break-out on corporate fundraising and had a bit of session envy when I saw the tweets from the audience engagement session. I suppose I picked up a few tips, but the session was more like a commercial for how great the two companies presenting were than general truths about corporate fundraising. Good to be reminded, though, that only 4% of giving, on average, comes from corporations, and that it is the personal connection that really causes them to give.

One person, though, said "Remember, everyone in your audience works for someone," but I no longer think that's true. Probably 25% of the audience for my clients are students, retirees, or otherwise don't work. Another high percentage, maybe 25%, are self-employed (and we seem to have a lot of self-employed board members). So that leaves 50% working for corporations, and I have to think about how to best tap that.

The general consensus, in talking to people, is that the break-outs are a little disappointing, but everyone was blown away by Chip Heath. So I guess I represent the general demographic. A good tip for the conference organizers, though, to try to curate the break-outs more. We'll see how today goes.


Very nice reception at the San Jose Museum of Art last night, with some really good conversations, especially with Minnesota folks. Strange that we have to come all the way out here to do that. Good food, and a really beautiful museum. I don't get to museums enough, another ironic fact. I suppose this conference is all about showing me things to change.


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