Groupon Shopping Success

I think this is the point where I admit my email in-box full of deals is like a little morning treasure trove. However, I have several friends who are extremely anti-Groupon(type offers), and I appreciate their advocacy for supporting local business.

But in my best-of-all-worlds experience yesterday, I discovered and supported two local businesses, which I plan to return to often and promote, due to their great customer service and sense of place.

I actually discovered Shoe Zoo via a coupon this winter. They have a reputation for being expensive that kept me away, but with the deal-site offer, I decided to try it out. I've since become a big convert; their shoes are the same price as anywhere else and are often on sale, the upstairs outlet is AMAZING, the staff is great, and they send Beatrix home with a free balloon. She always finds shoes there that she loves. Far more rewarding than scouring the internet for deals. This weekend I used the deal offer stacked with 20% off the outlet, so threw in a pair of shoes I would not ordinarily have purchased. Now my one-stop kids shoe store.

We then headed to Sunnyside Gardens, a new-to-us neighborhood garden center. I find plenty to overwhelm me at neighborhood garden centers, plus stellar service and personality, without having to go to huge places, thanks! (plus I love that smaller places often have more unusual plants). We bought great annuals for the planters in the backyard, and can hardly wait to go back.

So, a great family morning shopping, good deals, and a newly converted customer who will return and spend much more — I would say that everyone wins in this case!


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