Road Trip - Day 3

I posted in an on-line board that Beatrix was "travelling like a rockstar" and a friend wanted to know if she was throwing parties and trashing hotel rooms. Well, kind of...

Yesterday what should have been a 9-hour day was 12 hours due to construction and monsoon-like rains. I have never seen rain like that, that lasted that long. Constant hydroplaning and driving through lake-like flooding, and visibility so bad we could often not see the car in front of us. It was insane.

We finally reached Molly and Bernard's place on Lake Cayuga and settled in — and it was worth the drive. Their cabin is charming, the view incredible, and we're all having a great time. Beatrix's favorite part of today was "seeing the ducks on the lake," though I think she had a lot of favorites, actually — "swimming," playing with the dog, playing with the 6 and 9 year old boys, and generally having a lot of freedom.

We have our own little guest cottage, so have plenty of space and privacy, while getting to hang out with wonderful friends. It's the best of all worlds.

I'm having the perfect foodie vacation — today we visited a goat dairy and had wonderful cheese (plus the kids loved the goats), tasted some incredible hard cider, and visited a lovely vineyard.

I needed this vacation!


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