Covington Inn

Last week, we went out to celebrate our sixth anniversary. Our actual anniversary is not until this Friday, but we had a teacher from Beatrix's school who was willing to have a sleepover with her, so for the first time since B was born, we had a night away from her.

Back when I was just pregnant, I had won a Metro Magazine contest for an essay about places to go in the Twin Cities, and had selected the Covington as the most romantic B&B. The owner was so pleased she gave us a gift certificate to spend the night there, and we could finally redeem it!

The night was every bit as special as we had hoped. The inn (on a old tug boat) is incredibly lovely. Each room has its own individual charm, and the deck (above) is absolutely gorgeous. If you have never seen the view of Saint Paul from down by the river, make an effort to seek it out. It's wonderfully unusual and gives you a whole new perspective on the city.

We had dinner (more on that in a different post later), and then enjoyed wine and dessert while looking out at the city. Throughout the night, avery time I woke up, I could look out the window just next to the bed at that magic view. The next morning, the owner made us a delicious breakfast, and then we reluctantly returned to real life.

We're not the only ones who have the kind of lives where it is hard to get away. If you are one of my Twin Cities friends reading this (or if you are coming in for a visit), consider escaping here for one night (bonus points if you can do what we did, escape in the middle of the week and go into work a little late the next day). It's as close to magic as you can come.


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