Current status of 466 Iglehart:

Meanwhile, Nicole Curtis tells me that Minneapolis has demo orders out for 54 properties. At a completely conservative estimate of 20K each for demo, that is over a million dollars of taxpayer money going out to tear down houses that don't need to be torn down and that leave gaping holes in the neighborhood (remember that when you get your property tax statement next year).

These empty lots are not "pocket parks" or "green space," they are open hazards that cause risk and community decline; a recent City of Saint Paul study found that empty lots generally cause a 15-20% decrease of the value of the adjoining properties.

Proving the insanity of this situation, today the City of Minneapolis is tearing down a North Minneapolis home that Nicole actually had a purchase agreement on. And, after spending taxpayer funds to demo sound homes, they will then donate at least some of the lots to Habitat for Humanity (rather than the already empty lots they have.)

Anyone else confused by this?


Anonymous said…
I hope you will video the destruction of this house and any commentary by neighbors about the wastefulness of this situation.
Nicole is doing that and it's having an impact.

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