Urban Farmstead

This was our new garden area when we planted it back at the beginning of June:

Now it's grown quite a lot (though we still need to cut down that stupid tree!)

The raised bed is almost solid green. Beatrix's small flower bed also looks great, but needs to be thinned. The tomato tree is verdant, though no tomatoes yet.

The lettuce in the gutters turned out to be a dismal failure, at least so far. Even with all the rain we have been having, the gutters dry out, and so it's all dried up (especially the top one, which I can't reach to water).

All in all, though, pretty good. I'll try to update with some current pictures soon (though I should weed first).


Shari said…
Good morning! I think one of the keys to the 'gutter gardens'could be to put an unscented disposable diaper in the bottom of each gutter. Or you can buy the grainy stuff that goes in - it's supposed to be inert. you mix it into your soil.

I think it's also used for farming in places that are super dry - the grains swell into large clear chunks that retain water when watered/rained on. (then shrink as they release water. I also thought the gutters were better used for succulents, but I could be wrong, they are a great size for lettuce though!

By they way, when we were gardening in MPLS years ago, we used an organic fertilizer called Big Bloom by Fox Farm -it's earthworm castings and guano, basically. Our tomato plants were over 9 feet tall (although also well heated, since the only plot with actual sunlight was right next to the white house!)

I am loving our raised beds, looking forward to your next update!!

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