Last night, thanks to my aunt and uncle who took Beatrix to Children's Theatre and then kept her for her FIRST sleepover with cousins Sunni and Soren, we got a well-timed date night!

Dinner was kind of unremarkable, actually, a quick bite at Tacos, Nachos and Beer thanks to a Groupon. Not exactly fine dining.

Later that night, we ended the evening very differently, with dessert and cocktails at The Strip Club. A delicious "candy bar dessert,"strong cocktails, and one of the best service experiences I have had in a long time.

In between, we saw an incredible show, Ordinary Days at Nautilus Music-Theater. Now, I worked at Nautilus for five years, and their opera/new music-theater mission is dear to my heart. Their new space (downstairs from the old space) is really lovely, and adds a jewel-box like theatre space to Lowertown. But the show - WOW!

Ordinary Days is written by Adam Gwon, a young wunderkind in music-theater. It's 90 straight minutes of catchy music, of building emotion, and of very personal moments. It features four of the strongest music-theater performers I know, two of which are rarely seen onstage anymore (since they direct their own companies). And the casting is SO right and the performances SO strong that, as Patrick said somewhere in the middle of the cocktail, he was astounded it was not written FOR these people. The music director/pianist gives one of her strongest performances I've seen her do, and the set is large yet intimate. Ben Krywosz hits it out of the park putting this piece together.

See it. I can't recommend it highly enough. And if you go to the 2pm matinee tomorrow (Sun 9/22) and say I sent you, you can get in 2 for the price of 1. But it's worth full price in any case.

I see a lot of good theatre — but in this case, just don't miss it!

(sleeping in this morning was great too!)


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