What Are We Doing Today?

Every morning, Beatrix asks "What are we doing today?"

Usually the answer is something like "Going to school, then dance/circus/violin/etc."

To which she replies "And after THAT?"

This weekend has been a little slower. Patrick and I both have bad colds, and she has a minor one. But we still wanted to get out of the house today.

We started the day with the Springboard for the Arts Health Fair. We pretty much go every year, though Beatrix was pretty unhappy the first year we went that it was nothing like a fair, with no animals or rides or cheese curds. This year she was happy to decline the flu shot (since we had already had the mist, which might be why we are sick), but ran around stamping her passport so she could get a prize (a princess book, because Springboard wins!) We got a lot of good information about MNSure, also worth its weight in gold.

We then hit a small batch of fairly new shops along Minnehaha Avenue — Junket, Tumbleweed, Paris Apartment, E's, etc. — that I had been wanting to visit for some time. Part antique store, part reuse centers, part thrift shops, they were a very enjoyable place to visit as a family. Many are only open a couple of weekends a month, so it felt even more special.

After refueling at the Blue Door, we headed home for a rest before going out to an art opening, enormous scale pieces called The NOLA Series, in a West Seventh gallery that was new to me. Finally, we hung at home for the evening, and Patrick and I got to watch Before Sunset after B went to be (we watched Before Sunrise, for the first time in years, last night).

All in all, kind of quiet and mundane, but filled with lovely little moments. I'm glad to know that there's usually something that we are doing that day that meets with Beatrix's approval.

(nothing on the calendar for tomorrow though, yikes!)


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