Resolution Summary

Just looked back over my 2013 New Year's Resolutions:

1)  Eat better, exercise more. This is a perennial resolution, and I need to suss how to make it mean enough to actually do it.

I did not exercise more. I have been eating a lot better. I'll count this one as somewhat achieved.

2)  Find a dentist. For me and Beatrix. This is a silly phobia that needs to stop.

DONE! I love my new dentist (Dr. Amble, thanks Krista!), and in 2014 the ACA will even cover Beatrix's care!

3)  Gain professional certification by becoming QuickBooks Pro certified.

QuickBooks ProAdvisors actually talked me out of this by noting there was no Mac test. But I did get more proficient.

4)  Build a successful and thriving business with my husband; our new joint endeavor, Gladhill Rhone LLC, starts today!

Success! I am very proud of our first year, and looking forward to building on it.

5)  Work less and create more. This is a scary one, because we are really dependent on my income. But I am feeling pretty fried.

Kind of a fail. Better luck next year?

So kind of a mixed bag, all in all. You? What are you resolving for 2014?


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