Why We're In Costa Rica

(well, in this picture we are actually just over the Nicaraguan border, but…)

One of the conversations we had when discussing whether or not to have a child was about travel. We both really love to experience new places, and Patrick in particular was looking forward to having the freedom to go some of the places he had longed to go. My parents always valued travel, and we went all over the world together, so to me, travel and having a child did not seem exclusive of each other. So, we made the decision that we would simply continue to make travel a priority.

When Beatrix was a baby, we went to Norway and Cancun, but our recent trips have been road trips (upstate NY and Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Orleans, etc.) and one Disney World vacation. When we looked at spring break this year, we decided it was time to brig that travel card back in. Costa Rica had been high on my list for 20 years, and Patrick was intrigued, so that's what we decided.

A few months later, here we are! I'll do more detail on the trip details later, but so far, the experience has been fantastic. Beatrix is in general a great traveller, interested in the various experiences and relatively patient. Costa Rica is a remarkably easy place to travel, with good systems and friendly people. The wildlife, the natural beauty, and the "pura vida" are all that we hoped they would be.

Here's to raising a traveller!


I cannot wait to hear all about your trip! xo

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