Beatrix's Big Day

Lest you think it's all animals all the time around here, the people are up to some pretty great stuff as well.

Today Beatrix got a Leadership Award at her school. We got to attend the leadership assembly to see her get it, which was great! When the kids get up to get their award, all the kids sitting around them give them high-fives and make a big fuss over them. I'm very proud of her award, and so glad for her many good friends.

Then tonight was the opening for Beatrix's circus show (she's in 6 shows over the next week, 3 for side by side and 3 for acrobatics — plus a ballet performance and a piano recital after that). Here she is before the show with her good friend Meara:

Beatrix has been doing circus for 5 years, so I was surprised at how emotional I was. This year, since she started to do specialized acts, as the first year she wore circus make-up and was really part of the show, instead of the kind of opening act the toddlers and minders are. And boy, did her team knock it out of the park! They rehearse in a back area, so I never have gotten to see their routine; the act was great and Beatrix was fantastic, if I might brag just a little.

I am a very proud mama right now!


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