Memorial Day Weekend Done Right

Summer is my favorite season, and so Memorial Day weekend, the kickoff to summer, is always wonderful But this year, it's been especially great.

We kicked it off Friday with a wonderful pool party — so happy to be able to share our home with friends and neighbors!

Saturday was Beatrix's first star class at circus, which she loved ("Mama, I wish I had star again tomorrow!"). Then we headed out to Dave's Brew Farm for a wonderful afternoon of great beer and hanging out, even if it ended up with an epic tantrum for Beatrix. (the farm is for sale, anyone interested?)

Sunday we went to our friends' Kevin and Sarah's for a kid-friendly happy hour, and then a dog training class for Coya where she made huge strides. Beatrix is turning out to be quite the junior dog handler!

Then today some time with the Hair Goddess and one of my BFFs, before heading out to Magen's "Memorial Day Shenaningans." Finally, ended the weekend with Jake's amazing MEAT FEAST, featuring a crawfish boil (and where I also learned hot to make the perfect Ramos Gin Fizz, take that, #summerofgin!). Here's our amazing New Orleans girl showing you how it's done:

(Also, got some painting touch-ups done at Summit, hung a light at the bar there, and planted a whole bunch of planters. Not bad for a weekend's work!)


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