The Most Beautiful October Sunday Ever

Today is the most beautiful October day I can ever remember. Warm (in the 80s!), sunny, bright, it was this golden moment of why we live here. Well played!

This that know me know that pretty much nothing makes me happier than clothing exchanges, and today I experienced two! I hosted one with a group of online friends, and then accepted a last-minute invitation to attend another one. I had a great time at both, hung out with some lovely women, and scored some lovely new finds.

Then I came home and, against my better judgement, kon-mari'd my tee shirt drawer. I'm still a skeptic, but damn, it does look better.

Plus I found more clothes for more clothing exchanges, so if you know of any soon…


Other activities included the dog park, being able to research for a big project while sitting outside in the sun, and making tuna salad with celery from the garden for dinner (likely the last tuna salad of the summer).

There were two retreats I had wanted to go to this weekend, and we are coming up on MEA weekend and I am sad we are not going out of town. But, for now, I am super-happy with a clean house, new clothes, and a warm night.


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