Summer of S'Mores

I thought this would be a sophisticated summer. After all, we started with a week in Paris.

I thought it would be The Summer of Fizz, with gin fizz drinks a-plenty. Some theatre, concerts, maybe jazz. Music in the park. Classic films. Champagne brunches. Long novels. Croquet.

Instead, it's kind of been the opposite of that. We've gone up to the cabin twice, gone to girl scout horse camp, gone camping with Beatrix's troop. We've canoed, and gone on picnics. We've gone to farms, fed the animals, cuddled kittens, collected eggs. Instead of gin drinks, we have had A LOT of s'mores. It's been more about DQ than gourmet ice cream. We've adopted a scruffy new dog and taken him on walks. Beatrix's favorite two camps have been the Warner Nature Center and DayCroix. She is tan, and a little scabby and bug-bitten.

And that's exactly how summer should be.


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