Guerilla Gardening

Beatrix and I wanted to make something special for teacher and friend gifts, but were not sure what to do besides the usual food gifts/ But then inspiration struck — why not make seed bombs for people?

A quick search on Pinterest gave us some great ideas. (Meanwhile, hero Patrick ran out on the snow to get some more seeds, since we realized that out seed packets were somehow empty and all we had were veggie seeds. Photo credits also to Patrick).

First, we tore colored tissue paper into small pieces, and mixed it with paper from the shredder to make a pulp (though we did have to pull out several parts that had had window envelopes). Beatrix thought tearing the paper was tedious, but stuck with it.

The info we had called for making the paper mulch into shapes using cookie cutters and squeezing out the water. We learned quickly that this was harder than it looked, but paper towels helped. We also realized we could not use cookie cutter shapes that were too intricate.

The information also called for sprinkling the seeds on the top of the paper mulch, but we realized that they would not stay on very well. We then tried to do one layer of paper, and then a layer of seed, then another layer of paper, but that often tended to fall apart as we took it out of the cookie cutter shapes. Finally, we simply mixed the seeds with the paper mulch, which seems to work.

We made 10 in shapes and then just rolled some up to make round bombs, which was certainly easier but not as pretty.

They are still drying, but I am pretty happy with the project. It was fun to do, and definitely provided some Christmas gift-making spirit!


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