Bar Brigade!

Beatrix and I wanted to go out to celebrate her school conferences tonight. But when you feel celebratory, and miss Paris, where to go? I know — Bar Brigade, which opened tonight!

We walked in and were immediately seated by none other than Chef JD Fratzke himself! Beatrix was extraordinarily impressed by his manners (as was I!), and I loved the feel right away. The space holds all the charm that Luci used to have, but less like eating in your grandparent's basement.

And even better, just a few moments later Beatrix's friend Kiernan's family walked in — so we got to have the very Parisian feel of a convivial dinner.

Though I was sorely tempted by #roseontap, I ordered the Bumby, a sort of orange-infused G&T. Then, so we could sample as much as possible, Beatrix and I split the bread plate, the potatoes with chèvre, and creme fraiche, some roasted carrots with almond dressing, and a puff pastry tart with mushrooms, olives, and chèvre. All of it was amazing, with true French bistro flavors. I ogled especially the broccoli salad, the trout, and especially the oysters that our friends had, but I don't think I could have eaten another bite (we already had to take a box home).

However, we could not skip dessert. Beatrix wisely chose the pot du creme, and I have to say it's one of the best I've ever had in my life (second only to a Basque place we loved in Paris). Rich, silky chocolate, topped with whipped cream and chocolate nibs — absolutely out of this world. The nutella crepe next to us also got high marks.

I'm already dreaming of the day (tomorrow?) that I can go back and just have chocolate and rose. Lots of both.

That day might have to be tomorrow. And every day after that. I'm hooked. Best thing t happen to Saint Paul in awhile!


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