It's May Day!

If I were to look over past posts, I would likely see several about the Heart of the Beast Theater's annual May Day parade. We don't have Mardi Gras, but we have May Day, and especially in times like these, there's something magical about being with a group of people experiencing May Day together. This year, more than ever, its diversity and range of ages represented really struck me. Long live May Day!

It was also a weekend of other community-building. Beatrix's art is included in this year's ArtWalk in downtown Saint Paul, so there was a small reception at the Ordway for that (and I DO mean *small,* but it was fun.) Her art is up at the Starbucks across from Subtext on 5th Street through June 4, if you want to check it out.

After that, her Norwegian dance troop danced at the Festival of Nations. They did a great job, and as we walked through the displays and food hall afterwards, lots of people had questions about the dance and her bunad.

Last night I was able to attend the fantastic Wilson Webb show opening at IFP Minnesota. I know I'm biased, but our recent shows have been hitting it out of the park. You should definitely go see it. After that, we headed over to some friends for "slipper club," a night of loungewear and relaxation.

We fit in some other events, like a family photoshoot and a baby shower, and even a walk with the dogs. It's finally spring!


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