It's been an amazing weekend of community. Yesterday morning I had a meal swap, and this afternoon I went to a clothing swap. We attended a magical wedding, and a sweet Sweet 16 brunch. Beatrix had her book club.

But the thing that really hit me was today — #viviennesjoy

Last year, our friends lost their 3-year daughter to Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome. One day she was there ... and then she wasn't. I can't even wrap my mind around it.

So what do you do when that happens, and you have another little girl to live for, and you can't crawl under a rock and give up, much as you might want to? They continued on, and have formed Vivienne's Joy Foundation to bring attention to the issue, to build a playground in her memory, and most of all, to continue the joy that Vivi brought in her short life.

This is Vivi's Week. She would have turned four last Friday, and tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of her death. And so her family wanted to mark the week to share kindness with others.

Vivienne's mother is part of a group of women I also belong to on Facebook, and today, it's safe to say that Vivienne's Week went viral. Almost half the 400+ women in the group (maybe more, that's an unscientific count) are offering giveaways on the site to honor Vivienne and her family, to lift up the other women in the group, and to spread kindness. Yes, you heard that — about 200 giveaways today in that group— from home-baked goodies to babysitting, errand running to hand-knit items, day passes to the Y to movie tickets, cocktail parties to group yoga classes, gift cards to local favorite places to donations in someone's name. I'm stunned; it's amazing. My heart is full with these 400+ women.

You don't need to be part of an online group like this to be part of Vivi's Week, though. I challenge you to do something to perform an act of kindness this week, to make sure Vivi's joy lives on. It's up to us to create all the joy in the world that she would have, if she was still with us.


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