Small Business Monday

It was  along weekend of hitting the small businesses we love...

Starting with Glam Doll for our usual Saturday morning donuts while Beatrix was in class (well, really starting with friends hitting an art and antique sale in a newly restored Prairie-style home in River Falls the night before). After that, Patrick picked up a great tee-shirt at b. resale shop right next to it — pretty awesome, huh?

Then the monthly Sixth Chamber Game Night at Grand Shanghai on Saturday night. Truth be told, the food at Grand Shanghai is just okay, but the game nights are super-fun and it's great to go with friends. I have a passionate love for Sixth Chamber right now.

Yesterday, Beatrix and I went out to deliver girl scout cookies, and stopped at the last day of Urban Moon for the last day before they closed. We picked up a few things at a big discount, but I would rather have NOT saved money and had them stay open. Occasional stores must be a hard kind of business to operate, but I love shopping at them.

Today, I hit the President's Day sale at Vibrant, another little store I love. It's small, but wonderfully curated, and I always love pretty much everything there (plus the vintage room in the basement.) And the owners are so nice!

Finally, Patrick and I took advantage of Beatrix being at a playdate to get in a couple of hours work at Hygga. There are no words to express how much I like it there. It was the perfect atmosphere for productivity, while also being cozy. I could work there everyday.

So many great places to support!


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