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Turns out what you wear to David Byrne when you are 51 is what you wore when you were 15 - short dress and boots.
Last night was one of this amazing nights where you experience things you experienced when you were younger — with all the same joy — but with the wisdom of being older. It was the real-life experience of:
Take the blue pill and you go back to the start, but with all the knowledge you have today – Take the red pill and you lose time, fast forward 30 years, but now have financial freedom. 
We started the night at Sweet Chow, opened by my acquaintance Julie Hartley and crew, which I have wanted to go to forever. Turns out that it's almost exactly like sitting in a somewhat upscale Thai alley street market for dinner. One of the best curries of my life. Loved it.

From there, we decided to walk down to the Orpheum for David Byrne. It's been a long time since I've wandered through downtown Minneapolis, and that was quite a nostalgia event as well (what do you MEAN the army surplus store is gone?)

The concert....well, I can't even. One of the best concert experiences of my life, maybe the best. The tone was set by the bizarre appropro-ness of opening act Benjamin Clementine (which I described at the most Skewed Visions non-Skewed Visions experiences of my life), and went on from there.

We had center balcony seats, and I've never been so happy for my ticket pick in my life. It allowed us to see the staging, the patterns, the lighting, the cerebral creativity of the show. From the moment the lights flashed on with Byrne alone at a table sing-postulating about the brain, to the closing encore of "Hell You Talmbout" (with Byrne with a drum at the center) it was an evening of amazing, audience-involving, intimate-yet-pageantic concert excellence. All at once I was my teenage self and my grown-up self, with in awe of this magnificent man, the people surrounds himself with, and what they create. I can't even describe it. If you were there, you know what I mean, and your life was probably changed form being there. If you were not, I wish you had been.

Followed by a beer at Clockworks and watching people tote bags of Magic Pillows through downtown. Because the Twin Cities are surreal, but home.


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