Grateful (Again)

People I am extraordinarily grateful for right now:

-  The several people who have sent me notes (by mail) saying they are thinking of me.
-  Our friends Kate and Baxter and Kiernan, who had Beatrix overnight so we could get some work done and rest (and some time to weed the garden this morning).
-  Our friends Linda and Kim, who made us delicious food and flowers and kept Beatrix entertained all day Friday and Saturday.
-  Our friend Marta, who made delicious tacos that taught Beatrix to love them (I need that recipe!)
-  Having a lot of fun auditioning for Leah and Alan yesterday.
-  My friend Kim (different Kim - apparently Kims are good people!), who is getting my dad's end-of-life legal affairs in order.
-  Katie and Stephanie who provided playdates for Beatrix that allowed us to get other things done.
-  Laura who took a big batch of leftover clothes from a clothing exchange to Goodwill.
-  People that join us at pool parties!

I can't tell you how much all these things have helped make life easier and somewhat near do-able. I'm terrible at asking for the things that would help (mainly because I can't even sit down and figure out what it is we need at any given point). THANK YOU.


Stephanie said…
Always willing to take Beatrix for fun...or make you food or share a drink.

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