I had all kinds of great resolution ideas for 2019.

For instance — use more spices! We have a great drawer full of delicious spices; it would be great to make more interesting meals with them. Patrick has a resolution to go back to some of our favorite recipes and look through cookbooks for new ones, and we both want to resolve to go back to having monthly dinner parties, so this was a great one.

I had also wanted to learn to make a couple of standard but excellent cocktails.

A couple years back we had a resolution to use gift cards, which was an excellent one. the problem is they have multiplied again, so that was another thing on my mind. That will avoid bad situations like having $150 in gift cards to Heydey that were lost when the place never re-opened....

Then there's my new motto: "Always take the selfie!" When going through pictures for my dad's memorial, I realized there were few pictures of him, mainly of other things. So I've been trying to memorialize more times together.

And there is always more exercise, and being more organized, and....

But then, when in at circus yesterday, one of my colleagues said that one of the coaches had told her she should only have 2 resolutions for 2019:

WORK LESS. (edit - maybe I mean "WORK SMARTER.")


And that resonated perfectly. So, with apologies to Ariel, I'm stealing your resolutions, with hops that they will lead t much, much more in 2019. Happy New Year!


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