Cookies in the Snow

There was a big debate on a  neighborhood Facebook page the other day (remember, neighborhood FB pages are microcosms of all kinds of neighborhood angst) about whether or not Girls Scouts should be selling cookies door to door. Our Girl Scout council is clear — they strongly encourage the girls to sell door to door, in fact, it's almost a requirement. Beatrix usually gets home too late from school and circus to sell, but tonight we had a little time after music (Monday is her "easy" night), so we headed out. In the dark. With a sled.

Ok, it was cold. But honestly, as it seems like we are in the Longest Winter Ever, I'm enjoying it to some extent. Even in the middle of the city, there's something about being outside in the crisp winter air that feels really great. I wish I had skis or snowshoes to do more of it.

It's also great walking around your neighborhood after people have been shut in for awhile. One neighbor was holding her investment club meeting (isn't it awesome that they still do that?), and at another's Beatrix got to make google eyes at their new baby. We got to catch up with various neighbors. We noticed that Trish down the street had not been able to shovel her steps, so while Beatrix was at Deb's next door, I walked down and shoveled them for her.

My neighborhood. It's got Girl Scouts who sell door to door, and cold crisp snow, and fantastic neighbors. What more could you need?


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