State Fair List

The Stunt Dog show — a tradition.

Also starting the day with a S'Mores beer.

Checking out the new North End.

Seeing Beatrix's award-winning art in the education building, and my scrapbook pages on the bottom of the case at Creative Arts.

The art show (sigh, missed the preview this year).

Sweet Martha's #1.



A lovely hazy IPA (no pic) and the glass demo at Foci (they really rock). Patrick gives 2 thumbs up to the Nashville hot chicken sandwich.

Animal barns.

Meeting friends and casting our bean for Warren, along with A LOT of other people ("any Democrat" is two to the right).

Dairy building malts and watching the mini cars from the grassy knoll.

Fried tacos from Tacocat and the hort building.

Seeing Jane at the Newspaper Museum.

Giggles (with half the over served patrons at the Fair, sigh). Uff Da Ale made with lefse. Another round of Sweet Martha's to make up for one of the drunks at Giggles bumping into Patrick and dousing Beatrix's kids meal in beer, this making it inedible.

Another Fair in the books.


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