We got our first Science Museum of Minnesota membership right before Thanksgiving for a very simple reason — we were going to Chicago, and wanted to go to the Field Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry, and our reciprocal membership saved us a ton of money.

(It also gets us into places like the Bell Museum and The Works here in the Twin Cities — who knew? And our Walker Museum gets us into places like the Swedish Institute)

So when a dinner party canceled tonight we headed over to check out their Illuminate exhibit, which was a ton of fun. Everything we tried, from the Sportsology exhibit to the light legos to hanging out with Dan the TRex, turned out to be a lot more fun than expected. We spent over 3 hours there without even realizing it.

Then we headed over to Public, because our Belly Up membership also expires at the end of the month, and had some fantastic cocktails and desserts. Now we're home for cookies and the series finale of His Dark Materials.

My family is amazing and I am lucky to get to hang out with them. And we are so lucky in the Twin Cities to have all the options we do.


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