I had my amnio yesterday. Patrick and I have no real genetic concerns, but the mere fact that I am 40 means a whole bunch of risk factors (as Patrick likes to remind me as I chafe against the list of things my doctor tells me not to do). So we met with a genetic counselor, and then underwent the procedure.

The first part was an extensive ultrasound, which I am sure they do to relax you before the rest of it. The ultrasounds pictures were incredible detailed -- we got to see the brain, the heart, the spine, ribs, arms, fingers, feet, eyes and face! Stubborn baby kept its legs crossed, though, so hard to for sure tell the sex. Everything measured fine, and I relaxed a little when I saw the nuchal fold (a key measurement for Downs) was in the normal range.

Then there is the part where, without any anesthetic, they stick a needle in your abdomen and into the fetal sac and pull out a few tablespoons of amniotic fluid. Needless to say, it's really not fun, though it does not last all that long. For added fun, I turn out to be part of the 15% of the populations whose blood is RH-, so I had to get a Rogam shot as well. The amniotic fluid did have some old blood in it, but likely from the big old fibroid (which featured prominently in the ultrasound) and there are no issues with the fetus.

The risk of miscarriage is small but could happen if anything leaks and gets infected, so I rested for the rest of the day and watched movies and the like (The Good German maybe not-so-much). Today I waited impatiently for the call with the first results:

- no chromosonal disorders (Downs, trisomy, etc.)
- and it's a girl!!

Final results will be back in a couple of weeks, but for now I can relax and feel healthily pregnant — which is a great feeling!


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