Writing and Reading

I would love to be able to take the time to write more; right now I seem to specialize in one-handed typing. I've had a couple of house write-ups to do, and I have some text to do for the Ramsey Hill Association and a big grant to start in on. But I would like to keep up my journal better, to come up with some more interesting/pithier posts for this blog, to write something more of substance.

My husband, though, has come up with some great posts I am quite proud of -- check them out!

I would also so love to read more. Nursing and pumping is taking up 8 or so hours a day right now, much of which is just empty time. I love to watch Beatrix as she nurses, but can't always do so because it distracts her. It's almost impossible to hold a book while nursing/pumping, and I covet a Kindle like nobody's business. I think the price tag precludes that, though...


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