My First Mother's Day

You don't get many "firsts" by the time you hit 40, and the ones you do get (like colonoscopies) are not much fun.  But I have to say that my first mother's day was incredible!

Patrick got me a great gift, and we hung around in the morning.  We then had brunch at Spill the Wine with the boys and my aunt, uncle, cousin, and her family, which was a lot of fun.  Patrick was feeling a little ill by the time we got back, so he hung out with Beatrix while I got a ton of work done on the garden.  It felt so good to dig in the dirt and make things come alive — I really missed that last year when my finger was broken.

I missed my mother, of course, but the pain was not quite as raw as last year.  I find the true awfulness of her being gone tends to settle into the everyday now, instead of landmark occasions.

Thank you to my wonderful family, especially my lively stepsons, my beautiful daughter, and my incredible husband for a great mother's day.


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