More Eat Local

It is a gorgeous fall day here, one of those days that really seems like a Boston fall. What it's doing in Minnesota I don't know, but I am not complaining.

We went to the farmer's market and got a ton of lovely vegetables to make baby food and to do a curry for our friends Elaine and David later this week (they do dog care while we are gone and totally deserve it). Then we saw a sign for an "Obama Bake Sale" at Nina's, so had to hit that. Ended with a stop at Great Harvest for bread so we could have the quintessential fall lunch — grilled cheese, apples, and bake sale goodness (in this case, ginger and chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips. Yes, I know, very Obama-esque. I don't even want to know what kind of cookies Sarah Palin eats — Chips Ahoy maybe?)

So win another one for think global but eat local.


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