Baby Chef

So Patrick will tell you I've been dreaming about a play kitchen for Beatrix since before she was born. But now she's really growing and doing things — she loves to put coins in her piggy bank and shapes in her cookie jar, and I am starting to get really excited.

I am still trying to decide. We have one of the Little Tikes kitchens, which I actually acquired from the neighbors' trash, though it needs a lot of clean-up. It's also kind of plastic-y:

I love retro looking kitchens:

And I have really liked this one for awhile, but am intimidated by putting it together:

But I am also dreaming of filling this kitchen with yummy play food, and have joined a felt food exchange. Each person makes 6 items, and then you all trade with each other, so you get all kinds of different food. I am thinking of cookies, or tarts:

Any votes either way?


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