Think Global, Shop Local

Inspired by my friend Scotty's Facebook page list:

We're losing so many places due to the bad economy, and are at risk of losing so many more. Here are some of the dearly departed, along with some places that could really use your help. Give me comments to update the list!

Sam's Wine Shop

Please support:
Solo Vino
The Wine Thief
Alexis Bailly Vineyard (Sam's wife's vineyard)

Betsy's Back Porch Coffee

Please support:
any local coffeeshop: Anodyne, Nina's, Golden Thyme are just a few

Cafe Havana
Cafe Indio

Please support:
Pepito's (may be gone soon!)
Barrio (though it's always crowded, it's yummy!)

Ground Zero

Please Support:
331 Club

The Times

Please Support:
The Dakota

Mill City Pizza

Please support:
Pizza Nea
Punch (plus tons of free deals if you follow them on Twitter)
Black Sheep Pizza
Pizza Luce

Cliquot Club Cafe

Please Support:
The Birchwood


Please Support:
The Cheeky Monkey


gerkat said…
Noted. I have a meeting at Nina's tomorrow. Doing my part to save the local economy.
Rebecca said…
Other places to support: Common Roots, Victor's 1959 Cafe, French Meadow.

Pi, a local club I went to a lot, is also gone.

I'm working hard to spend the little leisure money I've got on things that are local and good - that I want to survive this economic downturn.
mk said…
I like the idea of a list. Easy way to be more conscious of our choices.
bmadore said…
Absolutely. Thanks, Bethany, for this.

The lure of convenience makes it easy to eschew the local-- which is often the better, both in quality and for the social economy. I've found just a tiny bit of forethought can make shopping local even more convenient by the act of planning. Large and ubiquitous often masquerades as convenience but is merely laziness.

More list St. Paul: Black Dog, J&S (better roasted coffee than Starbux and cheaper than Dunn), Jerabeks, the Strip Club (local meat and produce SP's best restaurant in Dayton's Bluff), Swede Hollow Cafe... many many.

And don't forget book stores which are close to extinction but a vital part of our culture. Buy from an indie, it will save the world, really -- Common Good Books (ordered a book online and got it as fast as Amazon would have gotten it to me), Micawbers, Magers and Quinn (original Hungry Mind David Unowsky's energy here); and please oh please buy books from Louise Erdrich's Birchbark Books, one of the most charming, thoughtful, comfortable, inspiring places anywhere.

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