Yesterday was chock-a-block full of activities and errands, including a stop at Big Top Liquors on University and Snelling. It's a place with all the inner-city charm of a juvenile detention facility (and sometimes with a clientele to match), but they have a good selection in general, and I appreciate their commitment to Saint Paul. I had to pick up some bitters and a box-o-wine, so my usual trip to Solo Vino wouldn't cut it.

Of course, this had to be done yesterday, because Minnesota in all its wisdom has not yet rescinded blue laws, so you can't buy a car or a bottle of zinfandel on a Sunday. If this ever changes, there will be much rejoicing in my world.

Cue active, wiggling toddler, who wanted to get out of my arms and run around. Since I wouldn't let her, she turned her attention to me, unzipping my coat, sticking her hands down my short, and yelling in her loudest voice "BOOBIES!!"

We left the store very quickly and without merchandise...


Liquor redeemed itself that night when Patrick and I ducked out for a quick date night at the opening of Bin Wine Bar in lowertown St. Paul. With our friend David Jebens in the kitchen, a reasonable wine list (including tastings), and a romantic, glowing atmosphere, it will become a new favorite!


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