More Bargains

Courtesy of Target:

- 5 individual oatmeal cups for $1.02 each, buy 5 and get a $5 Target giftcard back, so 2¢ each.

- 2 body washes with bonus samples and an 8-pack of soap for $16.50 — got an instant $5 giftcard and they qualify for a $15 rebate. Yes, they are paying me to buy the items!

Now if I only got the Sunday paper I could add coupons to the mix...


Play-by-Play said…
I should hire you as my book & merchandise buyer. Wow - if I could have the vendors pay me to buy their stuff...
You rock at the bargain thing!
Leah said…
So how does the bargain shopping reconcile with Patrick's desire to eat locally/organic? Not trying to be snarky! It's something I constantly struggle with - finding the balance between what I'd like the family to eat and what we can actually afford. We've got locally sourced, organic champagne taste on a Budweiser budget. :)

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