Music Lovers

Went to see Alan Berk's show Music Lovers by Workhaus Theatre at the Playwrights Center on Friday night. It was great to get out and see a show, just like a normal person without a ton of piled up work and a guilt complex for making her husband handle solo child care (so obviously I did not succeed in normalcy...)

It was definitely worth it, though. Fantastic performances, and of course a great soundtrack. But it's always Alan's writing that grabs me by the throat. Strangely, it's not because it's perfectly wrought; in fact, in every one of his shows that I've seen I have moments where I think "well, THIS is unnecessary" and other times when I am just over-my-head-struggling-in-dark-quicksand lost as to what I am supposed to be understanding. It's like being hot with instant stupidity. But for all of those moments, there are beautifully written, I'll even say perfectly crafted, sections, and things I think about for days/weeks/months/even years afterwards.

So if you get a chance, go see it. It runs one more weekend, and I think you'll be glad you did. And if it leaves you with a lot to think about, there is always a plate of "totchos"** down at Tracey's to bring you back down.

** tater tot nachos


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