Yet Another Healthcare Rant

People keep on asking me if I am glad and relieved about healthcare reform, and if this means that everything is now fine with Beatrix.

The truth is, yes and no. The bill is not perfect, though it's a start. Most importantly, though, after delays in government and then insurance companies, it would not affect us for about a year. So I am in the middle of filling out new applications to 2 major insurance companies, asking them to reconsider accepting us as a family (Beatrix's rates will go up another $40 a month next month on her plan).

To do so, I have spent close to two hours just filling out forms. Along with that, I have spent another 2-3 hours total I have had to get the dates and medical record information from all doctor's visits within the last 2 years, which has taken multiple calls to clinics, and calls back, and waits. I have had to look up address information for all the other healthcare services we have had in the last five years. I have had to call (again multiple times) to get letters from Beatrix's doctor and cardiologist. I *think* I finally have all that submitted and can courier it in tomorrow.

So if you are one of the people I know who can't understand why I am so rabid on this subject and who disagree with healthcare reform, please tell me — how long did you spend this year filling out insurance applications? What records did you need to provide? How long will you need to wait to know if your family can be covered together?

And if you haven't faced those issues, or not had a family member covered, or not lost a family member due to poor insurance, or don't pay close to 30% of your income in health care costs, then I would ask you to think long and hard about those issues before you argue with me about them.


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