Great Nights Out in 2010 - Post #5

The other night we had a really special night; Patrick's mother was in town and agreed to babysit. We are insanely jealous of those who get their parents to babysit, and Beatrix loves spending time with her grandmother, so it was a huge win for everyone.

Our first stop was Bar La Grassa, which was actually far different than I had expected. The space feels very different from its predecessor (Babalu), and was packed with an interesting crowd of hipsters and retirement-aged folks. Nothing against either group, but not sure of the connection.

We started with the "soft eggs and lobster" bruschetta, which really was All That. We followed it with small plates of pasta (the incredible gnocchi for me, fusilli for Patrick, and a third plate of torchio with artichokes and mint, which we shared. Incredible food, great people watching, decent wine, and a reasonably priced bill — no wonder people are talking about the place.

From there we went to the Bradstreet Crafthouse for cocktails — again, amazing. Innovative drinks and perfect service that allowed us to talk and sip and truly enjoy being out for cocktails. I want to try everything on the menu!

We tried to go to King's Wine bar for the Jeremy Messersmith Listening Party and some dessert, but there was no room at the inn. Nothing else struck quite the same dessert chord (and it was getting late), so we headed home.

I think the night could truly have been described as "dreamy."


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