More Home Improvements - The Yard

More on home improvements that I didn't get to earlier today!

We're also working on the yard. The above pics are from our extensive patio work last year. We were wise enough to plant a ton of bulbs, and they really provided great spring color. Now we need to fill out the beds with some perennials. We also need to (finally) put in the horse trough pond, probably with some sort of raised bed from the retaining wall blocks our friends Julio and Jeaneth gave us.

The side yards got completely trashed from the roof work, and I'm trying not to mourn too hard the azaleas, rhodedendrons, and hydrangeas that got trampled (I have perhaps misplaced faith that the raspberries will return). And the front yard — well, let's just say that it definitely shows the fact that I've neglected it since Beatrix was born, and it's time to get it back into shape.

Anyone dividing or relocating any perennials they want to share? We're already on our way with a rhubarb plant from our friends Kristen and Charlie (though probably not big enough for rhubarbaritas this year). We'll have some to share as well...


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