Asian Food

The other night, we ate at Pei Wei, which I tend to like (for a chain). It was their 10-year anniversary, and everyone there had the same thing we did — a coupon for 2 entrees for $10.

They were moving people through pretty fast, and then we did the restaurant equivalent of crashing their server. All of a sudden, things just stopped, and the people before us, us, and the 5 parties after us all had to wait over an hour for our food. Nothing was coming out of the kitchen; they stopped the line of people waiting to order; time just stopped. Then suddenly we all got served and things picked back up.

I don't fault them for being overwhelmed, but along the lines of my previous post, it would have been a much more enjoyable experience if they had done something about it. Come around to talk to us and update us. Offered coupons or free apps. Given Beatrix (who was a trooper, but starting to freak out) a tour of the kitchen. Anything.

So another opportunity missed. Pei Wei, if you're reading — well, it will be awhile before I'm back there too.

HOWEVER, if you want Asian food, head immediately for Tanpopo in downtown Saint Paul. Light rail construction has really hurt their business, and they've been forced to cease lunch service already. This wonderful noodle shop is a true Twin Cities gem, and we can't afford to lose it. Plus, parking is really not as bad as it looks; there's free parking on Kellogg, the lots is only $2 ($1 evenings), and I know one un-named person who has been parking for months in the Farmer's Market lot without having to pay. Go!


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