Lazy Summer

Uh, well you've already noticed I haven't been posting much...

Most of my time lately has been spent in looking for balance. Work, family, volunteer commitments, the house, personal life, professional development, friends — it's tough to put everything together!

The summer has really been spending time doing things with Beatrix. Some highlights:

- The farmer's market. Rather than splurging on a CSA, we've been trying to hit the farmer's market every week. We get some vegetables and maybe some plants, and wander around people watching. Extra points if we do something like breakfast and the Neighborhood Cafe or Swede Hollow Cafe as well, but have to admit I am severely underwhelmed by Pizza Luce brunches (sorry, Erica!)
- Playgrounds. Beatrix's big thing. She would be happy if we walked down to he playground at Webster School at the end of our block every day, but truth be told it's a little scungy — a lot of the equipment is too big for her, and there are a lot of older kids hanging around kind of looking for trouble. The Holly Tot Lot remains unimproved. So the other day we headed to Mattocks park, which is so clean, neat and friendly — I think it's going to become a favorite.
- The pool. Beatrix is a little wary of that this year. Must work on that.
- Friends. Beatrix loves going to parties of all kinds, especially if they have cake or music. Lately we have danced to a DJ at Terri and John's, had anniversary cake with grandpa at Arlys and Terry's 50th, hung out at the pool with the extended Chank network, bounced in a bouncy castle with Geek Girl families, enjoyed the sprinkler at Ella's first birthday and the posh refreshments at Maude's first, sang with the kids at the Songs of Hope annual 4th of July BBQ, played with Sadie at lauren and Jimmy's, and more. She has a social life just like her mommy.
- Gardening. Beatrix likes to hang out in the garden and was a big help with finishing up the back patio. Today we planted a new butterfly delphinium and a pepper she picked out at the farmer's market. Yesterday we went on the Lex-Ham Garden Stroll and she loved seeing everything, and wants a fairy garden of her own.
- Sleep. She is a great napper, and has occasionally been sleeping through the night lately. I still fantasize about a vacation with a few nights of sleep in a row, though.
- Growing. Taller if not wider, outgrowing all her clothes!
- eating (see "Growing" above). Beatrix will try just about one bite of anything we make (the pumpkin sage flans were a recent winner), but generally prefers the toddler menu of hot dogs and mac and cheese. However, anything sweet is a huge favorite, especially (chocolate) cake and (chocolate) ice cream. Obviously this is genetic. She loves Cakeeater Bakery, but at $3 per cupcake we don't end up there much.
- Walks — well, we'd like to go on more walks but we always just end up pushing the baby doll down to the playground in the stroller (do you sense a trend here?)

So that's Beatrix so far this summer, I'll try to get some posts in about the other activities!


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