Happy Halloween!

Serious mermaid Ariel (before candy):

Silly mermaid Ariel (after candy):

Beatrix, aged 3.75, has figured out "Halloween Time" and it's her second-favorite holiday. Tonight she got to see her aunt and uncle, we stopped at her BFF Governor Dayton's house for candy (but no dogs, sadly), and then we hit the neighborhood for her to get quite a full bag. She's still a little afraid of some costumes, but heartened by the fact that ghosts are probably afraid of princesses. And she insisted on sleeping with her jack-o-lantern in her room.

And I'm trying to put this on a link exchange, so check out the other cuties if I actually get this to work:

edited - cannot get the button to work for the life of me!

I've added the button in the side bar for now if it's easier. The cuteness will slay you!



Oh I love her. WHAT ToT at the Governors house? I want to come!
OMGosh, she is the cutest!
Loving the halloween link ups - come on over!
Jessica said…
My daughter is in love with the Little Mermaid right now, she would love the costume. Thanks for linking up!

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