Needle and Thread

Beatrix has a security blanket that is her most prized possession. It's one of MY most prized possessions as well; my wonderful friend Kristin made it for her, with one side a quilt she pieced and the other cloth cleaned from an old housedress of my mom's. Every time I see it (which is often, Beatrix hauls it everywhere), it makes me think of my mom, and my friends.

The housedress side completely wore apart, and so for 6-8 weeks Beatrix has been walking around with an especially tattered blanket. This kind of came to a head the other morning, when Beatrix woke up at 4am with a terrible coughing fit and could not get back to sleep. Clearly, something had to be done.

Patrick gave me a beautiful sewing machine for my first Mother's day, but I honestly had not used it much. My new sewing area is on the 3rd floor, and it's very hot up there. I didn't have pink thread, I had forgotten how to wind a bobbin on the new machine, I did not have a cutting board, etc. There had been all sorts of excuses, but I really had to get this done.

So yesterday I set aside some time. I pressed and cut the cloth. I hooked up the sewing machine. I decided the black thread in the bobbin was fine, and indeed it was. And as soon as I found the treadle beneath my foot, I felt comfortable and at home again. It was an amazing feeling.

I washed the blanket and gave it to Beatrix when she got home that night. She was thrilled, and insisted on bringing it to the puppet show we attended. And I was amazed again at how fantastic it feels to do the right thing, and how often we put it off.


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